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“Mo Lang Festival” held in Tibetan county, Sichuan
update:February 15,2017
Feb. 15, 2017 -- The largest-scale religious festival in Aba County, Southwest China’s Sichuan Province – “Mo Lang Festival” was held on February 11, which coincides with China’s traditional Lantern Festival.
This festival lasted from the 3rd day to the 17th day of the first month on Tibetan calendar. A number of religious ceremonies were held, including Tibetan drama performance, Thangka exhibition, etc.
"Buddha Sunning" ceremony, which means to display the giant Thangka painting of the Buddha in the open air, is a core part of the festival. During the ceremony, devotees dressed themselves up and prayed for health, happiness and good luck.
By: Tian Guangshan  Liu Qiang

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