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Vegetable greenhouses help Tibet’s Dengqen County get rid of poverty
update:November 09,2017
By:China Tibet News
Nov.9,2017-- There are 71 poor households and 313 people that have established cards for archives in Xiemai Village of Xexung Town, Dengqen County, Chamdo City, Tibet Autonomous Region. Their incomes mainly come from cordyceps sinensis and animal husbandry. In recent years, the local government begins to develop vegetable greenhouse industry so as to carry out the poverty alleviation work. The masses can be directly involved in the vegetable planting industry, enabling them to obtain skills and increase incomes. This project has leaded 17 poor households and 66 people to get rid of poverty and get rich. The annual increased income is expected to reach 12000 yuan per household and the annual income of the village's collective economy can reach 200000 yuan.

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