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New occupations enable flexible employment in China
update:November 09,2017
Nov.9,2017--New occupations, such as blogger, jogging buddy and drone trainer, are making employment more flexible in China.
According to a survey by China Youth Daily, 58.7 percent of the 2,010 people interviewed would be willing to choose a new occupation.
"It is enough for me to make a living as a jogging mate," said Cui Jian in southwest China's Kunming city, "I can earn 100-200 yuan (15-30 U.S.dollars) just running for two hours."
"People are more interested in living a free life as the economy grows, so it is inevitable to have new occupations," Jiang Jianrong of Nankai University was quoted as saying.
The new occupations enable young people to work for their dreams, not only for money, according to Jiang, while Cui believes the new occupations will create more jobs when they link interests and work.
A total of 71.8 percent of the people interviewed thought the new occupations would change employment structure.
However, as new occupations emerge, their future remains obscure, said Huang Wan, a graduate student in Beijing.
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