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Toughest eco-protection underway in Tibet
update:December 20,2016
Dec. 20, 2016 -- Tibet has set an ecological red line for environmental protection, the toughest standard ever.
A one-pen approving system of financial expenditures on mineral resources projects and one-vote veto system to fend off prohibited projects of “three high” (namely high pollution, high energy consumption and high emission) have been put in place, in order to control environmental pollution and ecological destruction from the source.
"During the 12th Five Year period, nearly 26,000 environmental projects were audited, more than 2,000 personnel in environmental business got trained, and a number of highly-polluting enterprises and projects were investigated," said Zhang Tianhua, deputy director-general of Tibetan Department of Environmental Protection.
"The legal system for environmental protection has been established with more than 30 local regulations issued, including Environmental Protection Ordinance in Tibet Autonomous Region, Wetland Protection Ordinance in Tibet Autonomous Region, etc, covering various fields of ecological and environmental protection," added Zhang.
By: Tian Guangshan  Liu Qiang
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