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Experts call for continued efforts to protect Tibet’s ecology
update:August 09,2016

Aug.9,2016--Tibetology scholars called for China to take the opportunity to achieve “balanced development” and continue the ecological protection efforts at the 6th Beijing International Seminar on Tibetan Studies on Aug.4, 2016. 

"We should respect and protect the nature while developing Tibet. Many ecological philosophies from Tibetan Buddhism shed new light on eco-civilization construction. We should use them for eco-civilization construction,"said Chen Wei, research fellow from Qinghai Academy of Social Sciences.

"Ecological protection is closely related to traditional cultures," said Ciren Pianduo, professor from University of Tibet.

"The electric railway system should be applied to protect the ecological environment of Qinghai-Tibet Plateau," said Zhou Yuhui, professor of Beijing Jiaotong University.

"More researches should be channeled to cordyceps sinensis and grassland protection," said Ji Xiaoling, senior engineer from the Ethnic Culture and Industry Development Commission of Qinghai-Tibet Plateau.

By: Qu Yungui  Liu Qiang

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