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Tibet reinforces protection of intangible cultural heritages in border areas
update:June 06,2017
June 6,2017--The government of Tibet Autonomous Region has issued a culture development plan during the national 13th five-year plan period to step up efforts to protect intangible cultural heritages in border areas, poverty-stricken areas and ethnic minorities populated areas.
Measures have been taken to prioritize the representative protection programs of 4 cities and 21 counties in border areas. the government has given priority to intangible cultural heritages in border cities and counties. There are 13 national programs for intangible cultural heritages protection and 72 regional ones in Tibet, said Ji Ji, head of the Intangible Cultural Heritage Office of Tibet’s Culture Department
Tibet has selected 12 representative inheritors from ethnic minority regions with small population.
By the end of 2016, 16.5 million yuan from the budget of the central government and 5 million yuan from local budget have been allocated to support the representative programs and inheritors in border areas. Over 10 endangered programs have been preserved.
Since most of the intangible cultural heritage items are traditional handicrafts and folk performances, Tibet plans to promote some of the profitable ones to increase people’s incomes and boost Tibet’s economic and social development,said Ji Ji.
By:Shi Dongdong
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