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Tibetan street dancing culture booms
update:August 10,2016
Aug.10, 2016 -- In Tibet, modern pop culture, represented by street dance, is increasingly sought after by young people. A dance club called TNT in Lhasa has been established for 10 years and won awards at home and abroad.
Originated in the United States, streetdancing was born in the late 1960s and was classified in the Hip-hop culture in 1970s. It is featured by active performance, participation and competition.
TNT was co-founded by Langkar Wangchen and his friends in 2006. The name is an abbreviation for Totemin Tibet, implying “Tibet Totem”.
"More and more people are joining us. The club has enriched its dances types including Breaking, Jazz, etc,” said Langkar Wangchen.
The current captain Wangdan said that TNT is offering classes for children and adults in Lhasa this summer.
On Feb. 17 this year, TNT held its 10th anniversary show in Song and Dance Ensemble of Tibet Autonomous Region, attracting many local dance teams and street dance talents from Wuhan, Shandong and other places.
Among them, Dynasty of Tibet Dancing Crew is Tibet’s first street dance team. Founded in 2003, this team is renowned for its superb skills, rich experience and outstanding achievements.
At present, with students, office staff and entrepreneurs as the main force, street dance enthusiasts in Lhasa are from all walks of life. They are actively exploring the best way of integrating Tibetan characteristics with modern street dance culture.
By: Tian Guangshan  Liu Qiang
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