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Tibet to publish Chinese editions of Gesar epic in July
update:June 02,2016
June 2, 2016 -- Tibet has completed five volumes of the Chinese editions of the Tibetan classic, Epic of King Gesar. They are part of the Tibetan-Chinese translation project of Gesar epic in 2014, according to the Tibet Academy of Social Science (TASS).
"Starting from this century, Tibet has been focusing on protecting singing forms of the Gesar epic. Up to now, 45 volumes sang by Sangzhu and 10 volumes sang by other singers have been published," said Ciren Pingcuo, a TASS researcher on Gesar culture.
The translation project will be completed in 5 years and mainly focuses on the content sang by Sangzhu, a deceased singer who had sung the majority of the long poem. The first batch is expected to be published this July.
"Up to now, the singing arts of the epic are mainly preserved by texts and records. New communication methods are needed to better protect Gesar culture," added Pingcuo.
The "Epic of King Gesar" is popular in China's Tibetan areas. Legend has it that King Gesar was brave and capable to drive off demons. As the world's longest epic, it includes abundant Tibetan knowledge and is well-known as the "Eastern Homer's Iliad".
By: Qu Yungui Liu Qiang
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