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Q & A for Interview with Ambassador Chai Xi by the Maltese Media on Tibet Issue and Beijing Olympics
update:February 16,2009
Feb. 16, 2009

Q: Why does the Chinese Government label the Tibet unrest criminal violence? 
A: Ample facts showed what happened in Lhasa recently were not at all "peaceful demonstrations" or "non-violent" actions proclaimed by some people, but sheer violent crimes of beating, smashing, looting and burning. 18 innocent people including an infant less than one year old were burned or slashed to death. 382 people were injured. Numerous properties were set on fire. The riots has resulted in a direct economic loss of nearly RMB 250 million. 
Throughout the riots, the law enforcement departments have exercised maximum restraint and used no lethal weapons in dealing with the situation. The measures taken by the Chinese Government get sincere support of the majority people including the Tibetan ethnic group. Meanwhile, 127 countries have expressed their support and understanding toward China. 
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